10-Minute Plays

Unpublished 10-Minute Plays

Christmas Wrap-up (1 male, 2 female) – With ten minutes until the store opens, Ruby, Matt, and Edna are busy wrapping Christmas presents. Tape is in short supply, scissors are missing, and there’s a pooping reindeer to wrap. Will they meet their deadline or will their personal lives get in the way?

Far From Connecticut (2 male, 2 female) – Candace’s white-washed world explodes into a kaleidoscope of color when she exits the train at the wrong stop.

The Game (1 male, 1 female) – Trapped in a game of their own making, Mike is ready to forfeit but Kara has other ideas.

Liquid Courage (2 male, 2 female) – On Halloween night in the backwoods of Kentucky, a romantic moonshiner takes steps to woo her reluctant lover to the dismay of her practical, shotgun-toting sister. As they stew and brew, both learn that sometimes all romance needs is a little shot of liquid courage.

Mirror, Mirror (2 female) – As a mother examines her reflection in the mirror, she realizes that from now until forever all she will see is her daughter. And forever is a very long time.

Resignation (1 male, 1 female) – While preparing to take questions from the press, a senator caught in a scandal considers the past and the future.

To the Rescue (1 male, 1 female) – On their last day as camp counselors, Ben and Sandy meet to stow the boating gear. When Ben confesses his true feelings to Sandy, the revelation rocks their relationship, casting them into uncharted waters with only a single life preserver.

Wax Fruit (1 male, 1 female) – Paula has learned to blend in. Billy wants to know how. But a costume party, a banana suit, and a moment of realization lead them to question whether blending in is worth the price.



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